Install IPTV

To install iptv on Samsung & LG Smart TV. Most of the IPTV service uses a media controller app called ‘DuplexPlay’. DuplexPlay is free to try for 7 days. After this period you are welcome to pay a small amount to support the app, maybe $0.99 for 6 months and $1.99 for 12 months.

To instal IPTV on your Smart TV follow those steps

Download DuplexPlay into your Smart TV:

  • Go to your TV apps store
  • Search for DuplexPlay
  • Install DuplexPlay and open DuplexPlay
  • Now you can see your Device ID and Device Key on your TV screen

STEP 1: Note your Device ID and Device Key

After installing the application, Open it and you will see the Device ID and Device key (You can find it by choosing the activation tab too).

duplex iptv step 01

STEP 2: Login into the DuplexPlay management portal

Navigate to and Enter the Device ID and Device key you noted in STEP 1, Then click on Manage Device.

duplex iptv step 02

STEP 3: Add XC Playlist

You can add a playlist via both methods M3u Link and Xtream connection, We recommend connecting via XC (Xtream Codes API) playlist.
And submit your Xtream Codes API details which have delivered from your IPTV provider If you have not click here for an IPTV subscription now.
Playlist Name: You can set any name for your playlist.
Enter UsernamePassword, and Host (Server URL of Xtream Codes connection). Complete captcha and click on Save

duplex iptv step 03

STEP 4: Refresh Playlists in the application

Then back to the DuplexPlay application and choose Refresh to reload Playlists, Then the playlist name must appear.

duplex iptv step 04

For more information about how to instal IPTV on any device click here

install iptv

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